Tuition Fees

Scholarship categories

We understand that undertaking Higher Education is a major financial decision, which is why we have a range of discounts and scholarships available. The University is delighted to welcome outstanding students to our courses. Scholarships and discounts available include:

  • Academic Merit Scholarship
  • Hellenic Education Scholarship
  • Athletic Scholarships (For returning students only)
  • Full Payment Discount (5% off the full payment)
  • Multiple siblings (5% off on each student)

Study Loans

ADUN provides loans up to the full cost of study per student available to ALL student, parents and guardians through the Nigerian Navy Microfinance Bank. Loans are accessible each academic session. A low interest rate of 3% has been specially reserved for the study loans at ADUN this academic session.

Tuition Fees

Annual Tuition Fees and Other Costs for the academic year 2018/19 as well as those for Accommodation and Feeding (meals) options and are as follows:

TUITION FEES 280,000 280,000
Medical Insurance 30,000
Matriculation Gown (Rental) 10,000
Student Activities 20,000
E-Books & Technology 10,000
Hostel Maintenance 10,000
Caution 10,000
Examination 10,000
TOTAL TUITION FEES/OTHER CHARGES 380,000 280,000 660,000
ACCOMMODATION (must select 1 option)
OPTION A 4 Beds in en-suite room 50,000 50,000 100,000
OPTION B 2 Beds in a en-suite Room 90,000 90,000 180,000
MEALS (must select 1 option)
OPTION A 3 Meals Daily 270,000 270,000 540,000
OPTION B 2 Meals Daily 220,000 220,000 440,000
OPTION A 650,000 550,000 1,200,000
OPTION B 740,000 640,000 1,380,000


  • Substantial Scholarships on the Tuition Fees are available to qualifying students
  • A payment plan is available with a minimum payment of 50% and the balance split over 3 equal monthly payments. Full cost must be paid by the end of each semester a payment plan is made.
  • The total does not include a Laboratory Fee of 30,000 that must be paid by each student in the Science Degrees
  • All payments must be made to the following designated ADUN Fees Collection Account.