Career Development

We help you to stand out from other graduates in the job market to turn you into a job creator not a job seeker.

Preparing you for a successful career
Preparing you for a successful career is central to the design of our courses and the support we provide. We focus on the employ-ability of our students and have a range of industry-leading initiatives which can help to prepare you for employment. The majority of our courses also offer the opportunity to apply for work experience in Nigeria or to travel abroad for part of you degree.

Developing Entrepreneurship
In today’s competitive jobs’ market you need more than a degree, more than basic knowledge; You need an attitude. You need to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate how you’ve developed additional skills and experience on top of gaining a degree. Here at ADUN, we have a range of personal development experiences that help give you a competitive edge.

Placing the course at the centre of your academic experience
Your classmates and the lecturers who teach on the course will form the community of learning you will join. You will have a personal tutor who will help you settle in to your course and review your academic progress regularly. We make sure you get the opportunity to apply the knowledge you gain to real problems drawn from working life.

Taught by Academics and Industry Professionals
No one knows it better than the experts, that’s why we employ academics and industry professionals, to ensure you learn the necessary theory and practical elements needed to enter the workplace.

Professionally Accredited Courses
Where possible, we tailor our degree courses to include content from professionally accredited courses. This means whilst you’re studying for your degree, you could also be working towards a professional qualification which as well as a degree may help to give you an edge in the graduate market.

Still not sure what to study? No problem!

All new ADUN students will have access to a Career Guidance Psychometric evaluation. This tried-and-tested tool has been in use at top European and American universities for decades. It helps to diagnose your interests and inclinations and to match this to your university studies and future professional career. The results will:

  • Identify hidden talents, professional inclinations, aptitudes, abilities, and special features of your personality.
  • Verify whether your personality can cope with the requirements of specific work environments or specializations that requires University education.
  • Verify the practiced profession and the degree to which this is compatible with the personality of the individual.
  • Identify alternative vocational interests and occupational areas that are fully compatible with your personality.
  • Support tasks concerning recruitment, transfer and promotion, area of specialization, placement in departments, vocational and career counseling, and general human resources management.

As a result you will be given your individualized personal 20 page report (shown below) of a prioritized list of the 38 professions according to the best fit to you of the areas which you may choose to read at university. Of course this is an assessment tool and does not limit the options as to what you may choose to follow as your studies.