Arthur Uche Ume

Professor Authur Uche Ume.
Administrative Positions: Dean Faculty of Science.
Faculty Rank: Professor Computer Science and Software Engineering.

Prof. Arthur U. Ume is an International Scholar, and presently the Dean, Faculty of Science at the Admiralty University of Nigeria. Before this, he was the Head and Chair Department of Information Technology at the Adama University of Technology, MAUTECH Yola. Prof. Ume was among the pioneer Faculty members hired at Washington DC to help stabilize the School of Information and Communications Technology at the American University of Nigeria between 2008 – 2013.

Before joining the American University of Nigeria, Prof. Arthur Ume also had an extensive teaching and industrial experience in fields relating to Information Technology, Software Engineering and Computer Science abroad. His doctoral thesis examined extensive introduction of innovative embedded systems and technologies in Europe. As a post-doctoral fellow, he led applications development teams to build industry  strength software solutions in the United States. Prof. Ume’s professional qualifications include a doctorate degree and two Masters’ degrees in relevant fields of Systems Theory, Information Technology/Computer Systems Development, Software Engineering and IT Project Management.