Admiralty University of Nigeria presents lecture on “Energy Management in Organization: Energy Efficiency and Conservation”.

On the 26th April, 2019, the Admiralty University of Nigeria presented lecture on “Energy Management in Organization: Energy Efficiency and Conservation”. Professor A. N. Eboatu, the former Vice Chancellor of  Nnamdi Azikwe University chaired the occasion while the Ag. President of Admiralty University of Nigeria, Professor Leonard Shilgba was the host. The Registrar, Dr. A. A. Bafeto and the Professors and management of the University were present as well as the staff and students of Admirarty University. The Rector of Delta State Polytechnic, Ogwashi-Uku was represented by the Dean of the School of Engineering of the Polytechnic. About fifty staff and students of the Polytechnic were in attendance. The Presenter of the lecture was Professor I. J. Dioha, Director of Renewable Energy Project of the Admiralty University of Nigeria.,

The presenter unfolded the energy situation of Nigeria and opined that despite the inadequate energy supply in the country, the utilization is reckless resulting to energy wastages. He highlighted different measures to be adopted to minimize energy consumption through using energy efficient devices for lighting and deployment of many electronic products domestic and industrial services.


He stressed that LED lamps should be used in place of incandescent lamps for lighting to save energy. The presenter discouraged the use of CFL since it contains mercury which is a heavy metal. He advised that green star (A*) products should be purchased in place of Red star (G*) products.

He touched on the environmental degradation resulting from energy wastages. He said that the atmosphere will be polluted by green house gases (CO2, NOx, SOx, H2O, etc) liberated in the production of energy. The gases enhance global warming and also lead to acid rain formation and change in the soil and aquatic pH resulting to death of some species.

He concluded by saying that “energy saved is equal to energy produced” and urged people to use energy wisely to save cost and environment for sustainable development.

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