Academic Support

Whether you’re a current or prospective student, if you’re finding yourself needing extra support and guidance at ADUN we are here for you.

  • Careers Office 

The Careers Office at ADUN has been established to make students more aware of their professional choices, explore career opportunities, and develop their skills to achieve their full potential. The Careers Office operates as a link between students seeking employment and organizations looking for career candidates.

  • Student’s Activities Office 

Student life is an important aspect of university education as it can offer a unique opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills. Campus life at ADUN focuses on the intellectual, occupational, social and cultural growth and nurturing of students. One of the many responsibilities we have towards our students is that of creating an interesting and supportive environment that meets their wide range of interests and talents.

  • Counseling Service

Students in need of personal counseling should contact the Counseling Office to arrange a confidential, one-on-one meeting with a qualified professional. The service is also available to academic and administrative personnel to help individuals cope with any emotional and psychological challenges.

  • Academic Support 

Each student is assigned an Advisor, responsible for assisting the student in defining and developing realistic educational goals, in keeping with his/her abilities, skills, interests, and career aspirations. Advisors are also responsible for ensuring the student is aware of university regulations and policies.

  • Medical Centre

The staff at the University’s Medical Centre are able to provide students with a caring and confidential service on a wide range of medical matters.

  • Student’s Union

Run by elected student officers, ADUN Students’ Union is a student-led organisation working solely to ensure you get the most out of your time at University. As a student of ADUN you are automatically a member of the Student’s Union.

  • Finance

At ADUN we realise that attending University requires a significant investment financially. We pride ourselves on offering competitive tuition fees which we review on an annual basis and a wide range of scholarships to support students with their studies. Please click here for more information